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Small changes, big results

Small changes, big results

Small changes to your pet’s daily routine can have big results when it comes to his or her health. And healthier pets mean less money spent at veterinarians, and a longer life together. Here’s are our favourites:

Small changes #1

Apply parasite control regularly. The easiest way to remember to do this is to attach a note to your fridge and write down the date and your pet’s name each time you do it. Some parasite control, like Bravecto, lasts for up to three months while others, like Fiprotec for cats, requires monthly application. Whichever you prefer, it must be applied regularly – and all year long if you want to protect your pet against deadly diseases like biliary and worms.

Small changes #2

Diarise that annual vet check. You service your car once a year, why not pay the same attention to maintaining your pet’s health? Gum disease, heart disease, kidney ailments and myriad other illnesses can be detected early and treated more efficiently, or even cured, if your pet sees your vet at least once a year. Animals are clever at hiding illness, it’s part of their survival instinct, so you may not know your pet is ill until it’s too late.


Re-assess your pet’s diet with your vet’s help. As our pets age, their bodies require different nutrients – more of some, less of others – so keeping your pet on the same food for years won’t help protect them against disease. And if your pet has an illness like diabetes or kidney disease, a special diet can go a long way to helping maintain his health. Chat with your vet about what’s best for your pet.


Actively engage with your pet. Many pet owners think that if their dog or cat has a garden to roam in or toys to play with, their own involvement isn’t necessary but this is not so. Your pet craves your attention and actively playing with him or her every day will keep him from becoming bored which can lead to destructive behaviour like chewing, ripping, digging and barking. It will also ensure he exercises which is vital to keep his organs healthy and diseases like diabetes at bay.


Brushing and bathing your pet not only helps him to feel more comfortable it also allows you to check for lumps and bumps which might be hidden by fur. Lumps and bumps can be cancerous and must be checked by your vet.

It really isn’t difficult to keep your pet healthy. All it requires is a little bit of regular attention, loads of love and to remember that you’ve taken a life into your home, it’s your responsibility to nurture it.

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