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Pitbulls on our radar

Pitbulls on our radar

Pitbulls are too often bred for fighting in South Africa and we’re helping to combat this cruel practice by helping to sterilise as many as 65 pitbulls on 30 March in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.

Cottage Vet is proud to be associated with this EberVet Community Veterinary Care pitbull spay day where teams of veterinarians and veterinary nurses and dozens of volunteers will pitch in to help combat pitbull breeding.

Our vets and vet nurse will work shifts while our receptionists and admin staff will assist with post-op care.

We’ll be working with Colleen Pienaar, an animal welfare angel in SLP Village who has spent many years assisting animals in this area. Colleen and her team will collect the dogs for surgery, bring them to us at our makeshift clinic in a community hall, and return them to their owners once they’re awake from anaesthetic.

Our grateful thanks to our many sponsors including our generous clients who are buying ‘paper paws’ for R10 at our reception desk. Each paw will carry the name of the donor’s pet and is then stuck up at the desk for everyone to see. All clinics and EberVet Vetshops participating in this spay project are selling paws so do please buy one.

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