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Pitbull sterilisation makes big impact

Pitbull sterilisation makes big impact

Pitbull sterilisation is one way to combat the cruel and unlawful practice of pitbull fighting occurring in secret throughout South Africa. Through sterilisation breeding is prevented.

Cottage Vet was thrilled to be part of the EberVet Community Veterinary Care (CVC) initiative which last week aimed to sterilised 67 pitbulls in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in collaboration with local animal welfare volunteer Colleen Pienaar. All dogs were sterilised at no cost to their owners in this impoverished village.

Though fewer than the 67 who’d signed up, turned up we were nevertheless delighted with the outcome managing to sterilise several dozen females and male pitbulls and pitbull crosses.

Four of our veterinarians – Dr Morn√©, Dr Marais, Dr Nico and Dr Carina – and our vet nurse Denise plus staff members Loret and Seranti took part in the mass sterilisation clinic at the Sir Lowry’s Pass Village Community Hall. Dogs were delivered by their owners, tagged and registered and then anaesthetised and sterilised. After surgery, each dog was vaccinated against rabies, dewormed, given tick and flea prevention and had their nails cut. Every dog went home with a bag of food, a food bowl, a new collar and lead, treats and dewormers.

Our grateful thanks to our sponsors¬†Dog’s Life,¬†Rogz,¬†Montego,¬†Vetsbrands,¬†Hill’s,¬†Daro,¬†Sentra,¬†Bravecto,¬†Animal Loves Market,¬†Jimmy’s Trailer Hire,¬†Kyron Vet RX,¬†Afrivet,¬†Virbac,¬†Ascendis,¬†UltraPet,¬†Ricky’s Pet Products,¬†F10 Products and¬†MCP Logistics and of course to our brilliant clients whose PAWS contributions got us off the ground.

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