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Dr Tiaan Visser

Dr Tiaan Visser


“The reason I am here, is to keep those tails wagging,” is what keeps Dr Tiaan’s energy levels up on a busy day.


Dr Tiaan’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is only exceeded by his dedication to animals: “The reason I am here, is to keep those tails wagging!”

He absolutely loves being a vet and he has a particular interest in surgery. “It is incredibly rewarding to be able to fix fractures, torn cruciate ligaments and repair large wounds is something, and it makes me really happy to see the outcomes of those surgeries a few weeks or months down the line, when the patient comes back healthy and happy for a check up or vaccination. I love being able to help animals, and have a big soft spot for puppies no matter the breed or the size!”

“Having grown up with dogs all my life, I feel strongly that pets are an integral part of the family. Even as a little lad, I would come home from school and ask my dogs how their day was. This has not changed of the past decades and I still greet my patients and speak to them as if they’re human and can understand every word I say.”

Older dogs and cats occupy a very special place in Dr Tiaan’s heart and he tends to refer to them as “oubaas” or “ounooi”, and treat them with EXTRA special care and respect.

Dr Tiaan spent his community service year serving underprivileged communities and has a heart for welfare animals. He is married to the beautiful Dr Rosali, a vet in Somerset West. In his free time he loves exploring the beautiful Cape on his bicycle and reading inspiring stories.